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Together, let's improve the future


InPost group is composed of multiple entities, that all share the same purpose, and vision.

The operational aspects of delivering parcels, thought, slightly differ from one country to another ( APM/PUDO network, cultural and legal differences, or density of deliveries) .

But we all face the ultimate challenge of sorting the parcels to deliver them to the next truck. This brings all of us, in every entity, to look to similar organizational and technical solutions. Solutions that we would all benefit by sharing our knowledge and good practice with each other.



  • Solo or as a team, you can submit an idea for a "container" or "solution" of some type that would fit the best to bring sorted parcels from a sorting station in a depot to an APM, passing by a Van. 

(No obligation to Participate.)

  • Our workers shall not carry objects of more than 25kg (except if wheels)*

  • More than 50% of our network vans does not have an access to an auto-dock (they work on ground level), and 80% of vans are not equipped with a platform.

  • As much as possible, the solution should consider its environmental impact (i.e. : can I recycle it at the end)


  • The solution must allow each van to be loaded fully, losing as less as possible space in the truck

  • The solution should allow to go from 20 to 150 parcels/APM. (You can put many of your devices/solution close to each other to go for the final count of parcels)

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“Which container to efficiently move parcels from a sorting station in our depots, to a Locker, via a van driver”

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  • We’re currently using bags to deliver PUDO in France and Spain, cages for APM in Poland, or backpacks in United Kingdom. Our company is growing in numbers of APM, in every country, and we all face the same question on how shall we bring the parcels from our sorting lines (wether they are manual or automated) to our driver, and then to our APM.


  • Most of our drivers carry the parcels all mixed in their van, or in bags that they need to carry by hand and open in front of the APM.


There must be a better way ?

  • All Ops, in the company, are facing or going to face this very same question, we thought that you, the Ops, are the best people to share your ideas on how to transfer these parcels from our sorting station to the APM via the driver, while minimizing the manutention and avoiding carrying heavy weights.

Challenge Evaluation

The evaluation will be using a “balanced score-card” method, using the points below. It will be pre-selected by the International Engineering Department, and then the selected groups will have the possibility to present their project to an international Jury. 

You have up to 03/04/23 23:59 to submit your idea here


The selection will be done by evaluating :​

Return on investment

Risk of parcels lost or stolen

Time to load a Van

Time to unload a Van

Increase on the courier efficiency

Capability to have the destination visible from the outside of the container (so I see where the container is supposed to go)

Way back to the depot : optimization of space in the van (should allow for loading other parcels on the way back of the van)

Way back to the depot : ease of unloading in the depot

Not reducing depot efficiency

Do we use a lot of space in the depot when storing the empty containers (i.e. what do we do with the containers once we’ve removed the parcels from them)


  • You can come with your team with a drawing of the technical solution, fully explained. Or even a prototype if you feel confortable with.

  • Please enclose a 10 lines text description of the idea and how it's handle by our workers in the depot, how you load it in the van, and how you transfer from the van to the APM

(you can include as many other photos, images, drawings as you wish)

  • Please include a brief text on how you see the recycling of the product at the end of its lifecycle in our depots

Croquis de bijoux


The Challenge is starting on the 06/03/23 at 8:00 am by an email sent to all members of the InPost Group. A pdf version is also sent to team leader for them to print and display to all Ops members.

Anyone can submit questions using this website, in their own language during the challenge.

Submission must be done before 03/04/23 23:59 on this website here.

A pre-selection will be made by 24/04/23 by the International engineering department




Submission of ideas

Selected team will be informed by mail on the 30/04/23

Selected team will be invited to present their solution to the Jury, in Varsaw, on the 06/05/23

The jury will vote and inform about the chosen solution on the 10/05/23

This solution will then be prototyped and tested in real life condition before deploying to all depots in 2024.







The Jury is made of 1 person representing each country of the group, with equal vote right, plus 1 person from Integer and 1 guest from external company.

The person cannot vote for their own country solution.

Dariusz lipinski.jpg

Dariusz Lipinski

Group COO

shao lin.jpg

Shao Lin


luis delgado.jpg

Luis Delgado

Portugal CEO

carla moura.jpg

Carla Moura

Spain COO


Jean Michel Saint Prix



Izabela Karolczyk-Szafrańska

Group Chief Marketing Officer


Viviana Beatrice Coppo

Marketing Manager

benoit bocquet.jpg

Benoit Bocquet

Ind. Dir. FR

Temps de café pensif

John Doe

WeGroup CEO


1 000 Euros net / team member

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